The Student Ideal – Philosophies and Mindsets

The purpose of these posts is to give short, simple takeaways that all of us can implement immediately to increase our overall levels of happiness and satisfaction.

This post discusses the philosophies and mindsets you can implement now to make the most of your time as a student, and how to ensure that the best years of your life continue into the ‘real world’.

Having just finished my Masters, I can honestly say that being a student in London has been the best four years of my life so far. As an undergrad, I was fortunate enough to study a liberal, interdisciplinary degree, which truly allowed me to explore avenues I never thought were possible.

Although student life is often painted as a bed of roses, we all know that this is not the case for many. A greater amount of pressure is now put on students than ever before, and I wholeheartedly believe that it is time for students to say to themselves that this is not acceptable.

(1) Image credit: UCL
Student Life is increasingly becoming stressful and overwhelming for too many!

Instead of trying to cope with ways of absorbing more pressure and stress, students (and graduates alike) should look to reduce the amount of stress put on them.

There are two philosophies that you can easily implement to do this:

1. Take on less and concentrate only on the things that you genuinely enjoy

2. Have the confidence to say no to things that you do not want to do

By practising these philosophies in your student life, you will have the experience required to deal with the increasing number of difficult situations that you are put in as a graduate in the ‘real’ world.

How to take control of YOUR life

As you progress through your degree and eventually enter the ‘real’ world, you will begin to understand that many individuals will try to influence critical life decisions – often from a narrow minded perspective and not always with your best interests at heart.

In order to liberate and take control of your life, you must ensure that it is undoubtedly you that is making these critical decisions.

To do this you should:

1. Avoid making impulsive decisions whilst under pressure from an outside influence

2. Always delay a decision if you feel that you are being influenced by an outside factor

Once you have done this, the final piece of advice I can give on this topic is:

  • Break down the situation and only consider the most important factors

This part is essential as it will negate any outside influence that can often clutter and overcomplicate a situation.

(2) Image Credit: Reluv
By applying the ideas of doing what is right for you early on in your student life – you will get the essential experience required to deal with more challenging situations as you graduate

The concluding piece of this post is perhaps the most essential, and something that all of us can relate to.

How to deal with a stressful situation

Although this may sound like a complex issue at first, the solution is actually incredibly simple if you implement two philosophies into your mindset:

1. Never worry about the outcome or result of a situation

2. Always believe that things will work out no matter what

If you take away anything from this post it must be these two philosophies. I can say to you with great confidence that if you implement these two philosophies into your mindset (along with the other points discussed in this post if you can) you will start to feel happier and more satisfied – both as a student progressing through University, and as you begin to enter the next chapter of your life.

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